Center Projects


Center Projects

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The initial RDAR Center projects are indicative of our ability to draw faculty to the Center who have high potential for COBRE success. Their projects focus on topics related to drug use, linking clinical, neurological, cognitive, and epidemiological approaches; have unique, innovative research strategies; use methods highlighted in NIH program announcements, positioning them for long-term NIH funding; and share common themes, such as socially situated cognition and network science, that position them for future collaborations on multi-investigator projects and program grants.

Project Leaders will be supported for two to three years with the expectation that each will seek R01 or equivalent funding prior to the end of that period. During the projects, annual requirements include: 1) semi-monthly meetings with mentors, 2) monthly Center meetings, and 3) submission of progress reports. A Project Leader will graduate from COBRE support upon receipt of R01 or equivalent independent funding. Graduated Project Leaders will be invited to continue as Center members with the benefit of continued priority access to RDAR Center and LNC services and eligibility to participate in Center-sponsored events. Project Leaders who do not receive R01-level support by the end of their funding period will be asked to continue engagement with the Center and will receive grant development support from the Administrative Core and the Office of Proposal Development.